Why SEO Never Works 100 Percent Of The Time

Have you ever wondered why some SEO actions that you take don’t seem to have any effect at all? Well, I’m right there with you.

I think the title of this article might be slightly misleading because I can’t explain why this happens. All I can do is provide my personal observations.why seo never works 100 percent of the time

I have both past and previous examples. Let’s talk about some of the latest examples. A lot of people are using private blog networks to rank their money sites.

Although I do still have a PBN and use it for certain projects where the ROI and risk make perfect sense, I don’t recommend using PBNs in any other situation.

Quite frankly, they’re a lot of work and can be very irritating to manage, especially if some Russian hackers target and deface a few of the PBN sites every week.

With that said, I understand you might’ve arrived here from Google, so you might not understand what a PBN is. To put it simply, a private blog network is just a network of websites that you control and use for linking purposes.

The concept is simple. I place a link on PBN site, and it makes the rankings for one of my money pages go up – or does it? It doesn’t matter if the links come from a PBN or if they’re legitimate, uninfluenced editorial links.

SEO Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

This concept applies to all faucets of SEO, and you could even say the concept is relevant to life itself. However, I think the issue is most noticeable when dealing with link building. Getting back to the example, let’s say I have 20 different sites.

Let’s also say I have a PBN of 50 sites. You would think that if you build 50 links to each site, assuming all of the other variables are close enough, that you would get roughly the same results.

The problem is that it doesn’t play out like this in the real world. I can send 50 links to each money site from each of the 50 PBN sites, and some sites will react to the links while others won’t at all.

Out of the 20 sites, some will react EXTREMELY well to the links and achieve rankings significantly better than what is expected of them.

A couple of other sites will see slightly above average ranking increases, 2-3 more sites might see average ranking increases, but many of the sites will virtually zero ranking increases.

The Important Caveat

I should note that whenever I build links to a money page, I ALWAYS see some form of results. It’s not like I build links and NOTHING happens.

However, in many cases, the observed ranking boost is so small that it’s barely noticeable. Why is it that Google reacts so much better in some cases and not the others?

Once again, it goes back to the Pareto Principle. It’s difficult to say whether it’s the links or the page. What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter where the links are coming from.

In some cases, your money page will react unexpectedly well, and in many more cases, the results are very sad. However, this isn’t just the case for links.

All SEO Never Works 100 Percent of the Time

This concept also applies to every other area of SEO, both on-page and off-page. You could have 20 nearly identical pages of content, with nearly identical on-page and off-page factors, and some will do exceptionally well, 2-3 will do above average, 2-3 more will yield average results, and the rest will basically flop.

Keep in mind that you will ALWAYS get a result, but the nature of the results is never 100 percent what you would expect. So, the next time you’re building links, remember to have a large enough sample size to find the ‘winners’.

Consider my product CLOUD 1k as an example. You have to make sure you invest enough money to get enough links to find the ‘winners’. Don’t think in terms of needing to purchase more links. Think in terms of needing to send links to more money pages.

If you only send links to one or two pages, your chances of uncovering the ‘winner’s through whatever weird and unpredictable process is at work are much smaller.

However, it’s certainly possible to get lucky and find a winner with just one money page, but the odds are stacked in your favor the more money pages you have.

The same concept applies to the links. Some links that you purchase will be huge winners while others will be huge losers, but you’ll rarely find the winners without uncovering the losers first.

In life, you’ll never find success without first going through failure, and in many cases, you’ll have to endure many failures before the success.