Why Amazon Affiliates Make More Money Than AdSense Publishers

Have you ever wondered if the Amazon affiliates program can make you more money than AdSense? If you’re just starting out trying to make an income online, you’ve probably had someone point you towards one of these two programs.

The truth is that they’re both great programs for making passive money online. However, one will make you more money than the other.amazon affiliates make more money than adsense

Why Amazon Will Make You More Money

I can’t say what form of monetization is better if you’re just starting out because everyone is different. However, I can say that, from personal experience, Amazon will make you quite a bit more money than AdSense.

There is actually math to back it up. With all other variables roughly equal, you’ll make more money per piece of content that you publish than you will from AdSense.

It all comes down to revenue per thousand visitors. Historically, the RPM for Amazon Affiliates is higher than AdSense.

As an example, let’s say I have two websites. Both sites get 10,000 organic search engine visitors per month. With all other factors being equal, I will make more money from sending those visitors to Amazon than I will from AdSense.

Understanding the Differences, Pros and Cons

It’s important to understand that not all traffic is equal. The 10,000 visitors that I get to my site that is monetized with the Amazon affiliate program need to be targeted visitors. In other words, they need to be somewhere in the process of getting ready to buy a product.

The 10,000 visitors to the AdSense site don’t need to be nearly as targeted. If you build a site that primarily targets ‘buyer traffic’ from the search engines, you’re somewhat limited to what types of content you can create and monetize with Amazon.

AdSense offers way more versatility and can be used to monetize traffic that comes from almost any keyword.

Why I Think Amazon Is Better

With everything else equal and assuming you know how to build an Amazon authority site correctly, it requires just as much effort to get ‘buyer’ traffic to your Amazon site as it does to get traffic to your AdSense site.

Wouldn’t you want to make more money from the same amount of effort? I know – I would too! Let’s say you create a piece of content targeting the keyword ‘best electric toothbrush’.

Let’s say you get 100 visitors to that page and monetize with AdSense. With this monetization, at a conservative 10 percent CTR, that gives you 10 ad clicks. Let’s say the CPC is $1.50. You’ll be lucky to get $5-8 from those clicks. In reality, you’ll probably make even less money.

Let’s say you monetize those same 100 visitors with the Amazon Associates program. I regularly achieve a 40 percent CTR to Amazon, so I would be able to send 40 out of the 100 visitors to Amazon.

With a typical 6 percent conversion rate for Amazon clicks, that would leave me with a handful of sales. Keep in mind that most people who go to Amazon buy multiple products, so on paper, I would only get roughly 3 sales from those 40 visitors to amazon, but in reality, I could get significantly more sales.

Let’s assume the price of the typical electric toothbrush can be anywhere from $100 to $300. Yes, there are many cheaper models, but if you know what you’re doing, you’ll probably be promoting the more expensive models because they’ll be better overall products.

Even at the lowest and easily achievable 6 percent conversion rate, you’re looking at anywhere from $6 to $18 per sale. For those same AdSense clicks, you’re lucky to get $0.50 per click.

Obviously, it doesn’t always work out to be perfect. Unless it’s the Christmas shopping season, you probably won’t make $18 per sale, and the conversion rate can be lower.

However, in my experience, I make significantly more money as an Amazon affiliate than an AdSense publisher, and in terms of content creation, link building and everything else it takes to get targeted traffic to a website, I feel that you will make significantly more money with Amazon than AdSense.