What Is A Niche Site?

Have you ever wondered what is a niche site? I remember many years ago when I asked myself this same question. I had just gotten started learning about Internet marketing and search engine optimization.

When I first started, I learned about keywords and link building. It wasn’t until later that I found out about niche sites and what other marketers were doing with them.what is a niche site

The Old Definition of Niche Sites

In the past, niche sites were known as small, 5 to 10-page websites. The way people looked at these sites was much different than how they’re viewed today.

When someone said niche site, you would automatically think of a smaller, lower quality site, which was typically monetized with AdSense.

Niche sites were also primarily associated with making money. You would see marketers constantly talking about them, and there were many courses created that taught people how to make these sites.

How Modern Definition of Niche Sites

Today, a lot of marketers view niche sites much differently. Personally, when I think about niche sites, I don’t think about smaller, low quality sites. The word ‘niche’ represents a specific market. For example, if you wanted to build a website around golf, then your niche would be ‘golf’.

The word ‘niche’ basically defines the content that you’ll find on the site. You could have a large authority site about Frisbee, and as long as the site is based around Frisbee, it would be classified as a niche site.

To be called as such, a site just needs to focus on a specific topic. In most cases, a niche site focuses on a smaller portion of a market.