Cloud Fortunes August 2015 Passive Online Income Report

Hello – how are you! I want to thank you for attending my August 2015 passive online income report. I release these reports to keep YOU and myself motivated. The reports also help me to keep track of my business to make sure everything is moving in the right direction.

As you can see from July’s income report, the numbers were pretty good. The numbers for August were quite similar. Before I jump into the details, I have a couple of things to say. If you’re wondering how I make this money, I’ve released a product that tells you exactly how I do it.

It’s called Cloud Authority Site Secrets, and you can find it here. If you want to grab a copy, I suggest you do it now because I will be raising the price to $147 soon. It’s honestly the best product/course I’ve ever made, and it has way more information than similar products selling for $147 to $197 – hence the coming price increase.

It’s priced VERY low at $47. The course tells you exactly how to build a long-term authority site and make a killing monetizing it with the Amazon Associates program.

Let’s get into the numbers for August, 2015. You’ll see I only record my amazon affiliate earnings. In the future, I might include other earnings, but for now, I like only reporting amazon earnings.

august 2015 amazon affiliate earnings


Let’s talk some of the details. As you can see, the amazon associates income dropped by roughly $2k. Is this a big deal? The reality is that once you pass the $10k per month mark in earnings, a $2k drop isn’t really a big deal. Especially since the income went from about $14k to $12k, rather than $10k to $8k. I would be a little bit more upset if it dropped below the $10k mark because that’s such a big milestone.

That’s doctor money right there. After analyzing the earnings, I see that the conversion rate actually increased slightly from last money, so why the drop in earnings? Well, it comes down to fewer clicks sent to Amazon, and I would assume I sold fewer high $$ products.

It’s important to understand that affiliate income, especially from Amazon, can fluctuate quite a bit. The higher your overall earnings, the greater the fluctuations will be. I also checked traffic stats and noticed a few days where traffic had dropped quite a lot then went back up.

You know Google – they’re always tweaking their algorithms. In case you’re wondering, this income comes from just TWO sites. Whoever said you need 100 sites to make $10k per month lied to you!

What I Did During August

August was a busy month. I had a handful of personal issues that needed to be dealt with. I’ve going to be moving very soon, so I’m in preparation for the move. So, what did I do all month? I continued to post enormous amounts of content to my two authority sites because this continues to bring in oodles of profitable Google traffic.

Please don’t tell anyone that just adding huge amounts of quality, targeted content can increase your Google traffic. I would like to keep it a secret.

Promoting My Products

I actually spent quite a bit of time promoting my newest product, but it’s not going nearly as well as I had planned. I’m still learning a lot about launching a product in the Internet Marketing niche and how to promote it.

It’s nowhere near as easy as you would think. I thought making the product would be the hardest part, but the hardest part is actually finding customers to buy your product – who knew?

I’ve reached out to a lot of bloggers, and as you might expect, the response rate is quite low. If you’re trying to break into the MMO industry with virtually zero influence, email list, contacts, ect. – then be prepared for battle.

Plans For Continued Growth

My master plan to continue growing my amazon authority sites is to continue adding lots of high quality content every day. My current content production is roughly 5 to 10 pieces of content per day for one site, and the other site receives 3 to 5 articles per day.

I’ve found that pumping out large amounts of quality content works very well, and as far as link building being more profitable, I’m dubious. I actually follow the exact plan for these two authority sites that I’ve laid out in Cloud Authority Site Secrets.

Basically, it looks like this:

One month – content production

Next month – link building

Next month – content production

Next month – link building

As they say, wax on wax off like karate kid. That is my current plan to continue growing these sites. Towards the beginning of next year, I will be looking for reliable brokers and consider selling the sites off for a 35-40x multiple, which would equate to nearly half a million dollars. However, as they say, the devil is always in the details, so we’ll see how it goes.

Plans for Cloud Fortunes

I have a lot of plans in store for Cloud Fortunes (this site). In the near future, I want to introduce a case study that will let you see how I build out a massive, profitable Amazon authority site in 2015.

I think that will be very interesting and inspiring to watch, and it will also serve as a lead magnet for my products that I sell here. Keep an eye on this site – one way I want to increase leads to my products is through organic search engine traffic, and the best way to do that is to create A LOT of quality content.

I think I will also start constructing a ‘VIP’ area for my email subscribers, which will provide case studies, training and far better information than I offer here on my blog, so you should consider getting on my list for that.

Are you making any money online right now? If you’re not making much, you could build an Amazon authority site TODAY, and with the methods outlined in my course, you could still catch the Holiday shopping season and make a NICE chunk of change.

That’s really all I have to say about August. Remember – my mission is to protect you! Just kidding – that was a Terminator reference. Honestly, though, my mission is to help you make as much money online as possible. Expect amazing things to happen here in the coming months – just for you.