Learn How To Go From $0 to $1,000+ Per Month Using My Thoroughly-Tested SEO Technique


This is a technique that simply WORKS. Get my guide and find out the fastest possible way to start making $1,000 per month.

It was only a few years ago that I was standing at my corporate job and wondering…

“Is this it?…”

“Will I ever be able to make more money while getting away from horrible customers and intimidation from management?”

Eventually, I said enough is enough, and I quit my job that was netting me a sad $18k per year.

From there, I began my search for a better way. The years that followed saw me making countless failed attempts at making money from the Internet.

I did some freelance writing and similar work to make some of my first $ from the Internet. I started learning about SEO and how to rank websites and profit from free traffic from the search engines.

After many years of learning SEO and ranking websites, I finally started to understand how it all works.

Today, I make a very comfortable income from a wide range of SEO techniques. Currently, I’m making roughly $14,000 per month from my Amazon Associates income alone.

I finally got away from the pathetic income I was making from my corporate job.

I was finally able to prove to my family that making money online wasn’t just some gimmick.

I’m constantly asked how I do what I do, and this has lead me to create Cloud 1K.

This guide gives you the entire process that I use to generate income as quickly as possible.

Based on my personal experience, I believe this guide is the fastest way to go from making $0 online to $1,000+.

What really makes this guide stand out is the simplicity of the technique. It’s so simple that anyone can do it.

The concept is simple. You create a few pages of content that are designed to earn you affiliate commissions, boost the ranking power of those pages with my proven and tested link building technique and make money.

To make good money online using content and links, you need a targeted approach. If you’re making little to no money online, then there are two major problems you’re having.

All you need to make good money from affiliate marketing is content and links. The secret sauce is knowing where to put your content and where to get links.

You also have to set everything up in a way that has been proven to work. You can either test extensively and risk losing A LOT of money doing this yourself, or you can pay someone a small fee to learn their proven technique.

With Cloud 1K, I’m giving you the opportunity to benefit from my extensive, ongoing testing. This isn’t some technique that worked a year ago and doesn’t work any longer.

I ACTIVELY USE this technique to generate thousands of dollars in profits from money invested.

If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be selling it. The beauty of this technique is that it will never get saturated because it relies on a nearly unlimited supply of resources.

Cloud 1K is a blueprint that walks you through a technique that can be scaled to many thousands of dollars per month. The core of the technique uses affiliate marketing and SEO.


SEO….you’ve probably heard about it. Everyone is using it to get top rankings in Google. Today, you have big brands, small businesses and independent marketers using SEO to increase profits and make more money.

Why are they using SEO? Well — because it works; plain and simple. When I first started doing SEO, it took me years of self-teaching to even scratch the surface. There are so many different paths you can take to SEO — so many different voices shouting at you. Who do you listen to?

In recent times, Google has unleashed several algorithms in an effort to reduce spam in their search engine. Yes — they’ve made certain aspects of SEO harder, but there are many opportunities for those who know how to do SEO today (no spam involved).

Have you ever wished you had someone to tell you “Hey! Do exactly this if you want success!” I know I have. The good news is that I have developed a product that walks you through my proven technique.

How Does It Work?

I don’t want to sit here and feed you a massive, over-hyped sales pitch. I’m not trying to use some psychological mind tricks to force your subconscious mind to purchase my product. No huge, obnoxious sales graphics that turn my sales page into a circus.

Also, I won’t show you outrageous screenshots to try to convince you that I’m rich or something. No…I don’t feel like that is the right way to help others who’re interested in this product.

I am, however, going to offer you the opportunity to get access to an SEO + affiliate marketing strategy that is working RIGHT NOW to profit with traffic from Google. It’s really that simple. All you need is content and some links. The Secret Sauce is always in the details.

You have to be careful, though…put your single piece of content in the wrong location on the web, and you will NEVER see a drop of Google traffic. Get links from the wrong location, and you will probably LOSE money on your efforts.

The secrets from every strategy are always in the details… they’re what make or break the entire strategy.

What You Will Learn

Many people will tell you that SEO doesn’t work anymore. Tens of thousands of SEOs have given up entirely and went back to a day job. Yeah — Google has certainly done some things to reduce the ROI from our SEO efforts, but when done right, there is still A LOT of money to be made.

Introducing Cloud 1K. It’s a strategy that I’ve been using since early 2014, and it’s DEAD SIMPLE. You see — the core of every successful SEO strategy is links and content. I repeat: LINKS AND CONTENT.

That is all you really need to get lots of Google traffic and convert that traffic into money. However, like I said earlier, the Secret Sauce is in the details. You need to know where to put the content and where to get the links.

I can’t make any specific claims about how much money this product will make you…

Also, since this is SEO-based, this process doesn’t happen overnight…

But — what if I told you that you can start seeing results in just ONE WEEK?

What you DON’T need:

Let me just say that you don’t have to create hundreds of pieces of content if you don’t want to — although some will because they want to scale the technique. You don’t need ANY automated link building software.

You don’t need anymore than a couple hours of your time, my guide and some common sense. You also won’t be creating spam or using techniques that involve spam. The content that you use will actually help people, and the links that you will get are POWERFUL.

You WILL need some money. Not a whole lot — but enough to get the ball rolling. If you’re dead broke, DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. Why? Read Below.

Who This Product Is For…

If you’re dead broke, please don’t buy this product. When I say dead broke, I mean you don’t even have $10 in your bank account. You don’t need a whole lot of money to work it. I got started with less than $100.

This strategy is like anything in life: the more you put into it — the more you will get out of it.

DO BUY this product if you want a hand’s-off approach THAT WORKS in a way that not many, if any, know about…even a complete beginner can use this strategy, but it will definitely help if you have even a little experience with SEO. If want a tested, proven strategy that could change your life, then click below..

What customers are saying about Cloud 1K…

From Chris:

I am just as intrigued as I was when I first saw the sales page for this product. Julian has provided 20+ pages of material that presents all aspects of his method as well as some “how to”. The sales page claims that you can get started for less than $100 USD and that seems perfectly reasonable. The method will result in a monthly charge but lets be clear that you will either be making more than the monthly expense or you won’t be doing it at all.

Complexity? Not at all complex. If you have moderate writing skills and minimal (know your way around the internet) tech skills you should find this method relatively easy to complete.

Scalable? Very scalable. Each instance of the method will require some investment. How much? Less than $100… probably around $50 for the first month. After that you will be generating revenue or you won’t be continuing. As a result, your capacity to scale the method will be limited to your capacity in invest before the revenue starts.

Time requirement? Less than a day. Personally, I can’t see why you couldn’t complete several instances of this method in a single day.

Revenue potential? Houlian gives a number of examples and even presents some proof. There are so many variables that I reserve comment on how well I expect the average reader will do with this message. I will say that I see no reason that you can’t be in profit quickly with recurring income.

Required resources? None.

Bottom line…. for $5.00 this is a steal. Even if you don’t apply the methods as presented, you will l;earn a technique that will be helpful to you in the future.

I wish you all well!


From Ron:

I have purchased Cloud 1K.

Julian is sharing his method and procedures that he has used successfully to create some great IM income.

There is also a small investment that is suggested and I feel that this is necessary to prime-the -pump.

His 24-page PDF format report gives many screen-shots for you to follow.

This WSO is well worth the small cost and delivers some solid information.

All the Best … Ron

From Ted K:

I just had a chance to read over Cloud 1K, and I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and scale-ability of this method. Does it work? I don’t know yet but Julian has laid out a very simple, step by step method that allows someone to duplicate over and over again to achieve whatever income level they desire.

It will take some work, a little capital and some patience as it doesn’t work overnight but I can see that putting in that time and effort can translate into a full time income within a few months to a year given you re-invest into your business.

Thanks Julian for opening my eyes to this and I will be putting up some of these simple sites to see for myself. Even doubling my money is way better than a bank but at your claimed levels of 8X to 10X what you put in is even better 🙂 !


From Jane:

Since I have been taking some downtime, I have had a chance to catch up in some reading. And I am glad I purchased this product. I like the style of writing and more importantly the topic. For those of you that remember the great days of web 2.0, you will not be disappointed. Time moves on and platforms change but the earning potential does not! I have to say, I am am very happy with this purchase.

Additional Investment recommended but plenty of ways around it if you want to do the work. I personally think the investment is worth the return and time savings. Oh and this will definitely work for any product category or high converting affiliate products, or your products or services. Easy to scale. BEEN HERE BEFORE SO I KNOW HOW THIS WORKS.

Critical to your success is market and keyword selection. Build deep and wide. Keep the winners and dump the losers. Keep it moving.

Affiliate marketing at its simple best. Time to take action!

A Sneak Peak At The Guide







What Happens After You Pay

Upon purchase of Cloud 1K, you’ll be directed to JVZOO, where the product will be available for you to download in PDF format, so you will need Adobe reader to access the information in the PDF.

Once downloaded, the PDF will be available to you, so you can read it if you have any difficulty implementing the method along the way.

Why You Should Buy This Guide Right Now

If you found an Internet marketer who was making 5, 10 or even 100x the income you’re making online, what would their knowledge be worth to you? If they’ve achieved $10,000 per month in profit, they’re obviously doing something right.

How much would you pay this person to get the knowledge you need to MAKE A KILLING ONLINE?

Don’t let another day go to waste because you’re not making any money online. Make today the day that you finally invest in yourself and learn a technique that you can scale to many thousands of dollars per month.

Prove all of the naysayers wrong. Start making an income that you can use to provide for your family. Take the fast-lane to $1,000+ per month with affiliate marketing and SEO using CLOUD 1K.

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