Can You Rank Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites In Google In 2016?

This is a question that is on the minds of many. Can you rank affiliate niche sites in Google 2016? All you have to do is take a quick look at some popular niche markets to see that it’s certainly possible. Does Google always seem to be doing something to reduce the ROI of these types of sites — yes. However, they’re far from dead, and I’m going to show you some examples of some of my sites that are ranking RIGHT NOW in Google and making money.

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Some Past Examples Of My Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Before I show you sites that are ranking right now, I want to show you some that I built and sold last year.

In the above picture, you get a little bit bigger picture of the site’s growth. You can see the exact point that it went from 0 to 100. At it’s peak, it was averaging many visits per day, with most of the traffic from search engines. This site was and still is ranked by a private network. Here are some of the earning’s from when the site started to take off:

Let’s take a look at another site I’ve built and sold in 2014.

amazon niche site earnings 1

Here is another site grown around the same time. It took quite a bit longer to start growing than the others, but once it took off, it was far more stable, in terms of traffic and impressions. It was also built with a PN or private network. At its peak, it was making $200 a month from the Amazon Associates Program, so it would be valued at about $2,000. This site had about 7 articles on it in total. Let’s look at the traffic:

niche site traffic data

As you can see, less traffic = less earnings. It wasn’t getting nearly as much traffic as the other site. These two sites are out of a group of about 20 that I built and sold during the same time period. Since then, I’ve built and sold several batches of these sites, and they were ALL built using the same PN. You can see how this could get quite profitable. Yes, it takes time — but anything worth having in life takes time.

Some Present Examples Of My Niche Affiliate Sites

Want to see some of my current Amazon affiliate sites that are ranking and earning money RIGHT NOW in Google? Take a look below:

niche site example 5






niche site example 6


Notice the number of URLs indexed for this site — it only has 12 pages. What’s even more fascinating is that I have countless sites that have similar stats with ONLY ONE PAGE. That’s right — it’s 2015, and you can STILL rank one-page sites for lucrative keywords.

niche site example 7

Most of these sites pull about $150 to $200 per month from the Amazon Associates Program. Let’s take a look at some sites that are making $200+ RIGHT NOW.

niche site webmaster tools data 1

another niche amazon site example

amazon associates niche affiliate website

I could post screenshots like this all day. The bottom line is that there are many affiliate websites ranking and making good money right now. It’s happening as we speak. Are you missing out? Want your piece of the pie? The great thing about having your own data is that you can draw some pretty accurate conclusions from it and ignore what others have to say.

A lot of people say these little niche sites are dead. While I would agree that it’s probably more profitable to focus on larger sites, these small, in some cases, one-pagers, are certainly not dead, and you’re looking at some of the proof. Want to know something else that is cool? All of these sites are ranking with PNs. ALL OF THEM.

What Can We Learn?

With just this small amount of data, we can actually learn some neat little tips. Notice how some of the sites get significantly more clicks from roughly the same amount of impressions? There are two reasons this could be happening:

1. Because the site has pages ranking for queries that the pages shouldn’t be ranking for, thus, we’re getting a lot of impressions but fewer clicks because users aren’t satisfied with the title of the article — because it doesn’t match the information they’re searching for.

2. Because some niche markets just have more responsive users.

Since I know all of the sites have pages that are laser-targeted for the queries they’re ranking for, we can rule out 1. The reality is that some niche markets have more responsive people. For example, someone searching for the best iPods might not be nearly as responsive as someone searching for Britney Spears merchandise.

When you’re trying to make money as an affiliate, you want to find niches that have the MOST RESPONSIVE BUYERS. This will allow you to make more money from the same amount of effort that you put into other sites.

Start with a shotgun approach and dip your toes into 20+ markets and find the ones that have the most responsive buyers. Once you find this niche, you can pour more of your resources into it for a better ROI.

Although it’s quite obvious, the data also shows that some niche markets are more competitive than others, which means you’ll need to use more resources to rank and make money.

This is important information when you’re trying to be as efficient as possible, make your money work for you and get  the best ROI possible. In closing, I just want to say that it’s VERY possible to rank small affiliate sites in Google.

Despite what you’ve been told, the data doesn’t lie. Another neat tidbit of information is that ALL of the sites I’ve sold since late 2013 are STILL ranking and making money, and in most cases, they’re getting more traffic and making more money, despite all of the latest updates from Google, which includes the mass de-indexation of private blog networks that occurred in September of 2014. If you’re not already, when are you going to get your slice of the pie?