Can Amazon Affiliate Sites Make Crazy Money?

Are you thinking about making amazon affiliate sites? Maybe you’re scared that you won’t be able to make good money with the amazon affiliate program. The reality is that you can make CRAZY money with sites that are monetized by the Amazon associates program, but you have to know what you’re doing.

What Are Amazon Affiliate Sites?

They’re websites that are primarily designed to be monetized with products that are available on Amazon. It’s important to realize that I’m not talking about small, one to five-page ‘niche’ sites that nobody cares about.

I’m talking about sites that really help the visitor. There is nothing inherently wrong with building smaller one to five page sites, but it’s just NOT the smartest way to build sites in 2015.

amazon affiliate site earnings

How Do They Work?

When you build a website and monetize with the amazon associates program, you get paid a commission when someone clicks a link on your website and buys a product. It’s called affiliate marketing, and it can be a very easy and passive way to make money online.

The way that I build Amazon affiliate websites in 2015 is quite a bit different than I used to build them back in 2011-2012. The way that search engines rank sites has changed dramatically, and when you’re trying to make money with websites, you have to change and adapt to your online surroundings.

What Do The Best Amazon Affiliate Sites Have In Common?

There are a few things that all successful amazon affiliate sites have in common.

They Give Real Value

First, they provide real value to visitors. The way that you give visitors value depends on how your site is structured and what queries you’re targeting.

Let’s say we’re targeting the keyword “electric toothbrush reviews”. It’s safe to assume a person who is searching for this keyword wants to read reviews for different types of electric toothbrushes.

To provide value to your visitors who reach your site through this keyword, all you need to do is create review articles for different electric toothbrush models. However, it’s how you create the reviews that matters most and determines whether you’re actually helping the user.

You can find out how I provide value with product reviews by clicking here.

They’re organized

Most successful amazon associate websites provide value, but they also do it in an organized manner. It’s not enough to just post a bunch of review articles to your site. You need to find a way to organize the articles in a way that is useful for your readers.

For example, you could create a page targeting the keyword ‘best electric toothbrush’, and on that page, you could post a list of internal links to all of the individual product reviews you have on your site. This way the user has countless reviews to choose from on the page they landed on from the search engines.

What Do The Most Successful Amazon Sites Have In Common?

They do all of these things together. The formula is really simple. They create pages on their websites that target buyer keywords or keywords that have commercial intent, such as electric toothbrush reviews or best electric toothbrush.

Once they have these pages created, they make sure the pages and information is organized in a way that benefits the visitor and makes everything easy to navigate to. The top amazon websites also make sure to get as many visitors to amazon as possible.

The truth is – you can make crazy amounts of passive income from websites built to be monetized with amazon. The difference between success and failure is how you go about doing it.