Amazon Affiliate Program Review — Is It Worth The Effort?

This is my honest Amazon affiliate program review. As you might already know, Amazon is the largest ecommerce website on the Internet. They run circles around virtually all of their competition, and they’ve been generous enough to offer an affiliate program.

The truth is that Amazon doesn’t need an affiliate program. The amount of revenue that affiliates generate for them absolutely pales in comparison to the revenue that they bring in just with their affiliate program review

The revenue us affiliates generate for Amazon is barely a drop in their bucket, so to speak. I’m truly grateful for the fact that they offer such a great affiliate opportunity.

With that said, let’s jump into the review.

My Amazon Affiliate Program Review

I’ve been an affiliate for the company for several years now. Last time I checked, I believe it’s been about four or five years now, so I quite a long history with the company. The cool thing is that since I’ve been affiliated with them I’ve never had a single issue.

I have never even had so much as a single missed payment. They even send my tax information on time every year when I need it.

What I Like About Amazon

I really love everything about this affiliate program. Well, not everything but almost. I really like their commission tier structure. The way it works is that the more products you sell the more commission you get on every product.

The highest percentage of commission that you can get with the Amazon affiliate program is 8.5 percent. While that might seem low when compared with similar affiliate programs it is. The good news is that Amazon makes up for it.

They have such a strong brand and selection of products that when you send traffic to their site it converts very well. I believe my average conversion rate is around 6 percent, and during November and December, it can increase to nearly three times that amount.

Trust me when I say that myself and many others have compared Amazon with similar programs, like Commission Junction, and Amazon wins every single time. I also like the fact that I feel good sending traffic to Amazon.

I like that they pay on time every single month. I’ve had many thousands of dollars paid out to me from the company, and there has never been so much as a hiccup in my payments. Everything is always totally smooth.

Another thing I like about Amazon is that they have an endless selection of products. When building websites out using this guide, I honestly never run out of keywords to build content around because they have so many products.

I also love how they allow me to have my payments direct deposited into my account. The direct deposit option is easy to set up, and every month, like clockwork, it deposits my payments into my account. It’s really great and never have to worry about late payments.

amazon affiliate program

Some of my earnings from back in 2011

I also love the fact that you get commissions on all the products that people buy when you send them to Amazon. For example, let’s imagine we send someone to their site through a link on a bakery affiliate site.

Imagine the product being promoted on the bakery site is $10. Imagine that same visitor goes to Amazon for a $10 product and purchases a $3,000 diamond necklace. I would get a commission on the necklace, which I wasn’t even promoting.

I also like that Amazon gives you commission on products that people add to their cart for 90 days. I’ve had this happen and it paid off very well. I had sent some traffic from a website promoting baby products to amazon.

Months later, I checked my Amazon stats in the morning to find that an individual had added thousands of dollars’ worth of products to his or her Amazon cart and purchased it at a later date.

The nature of the products led me to believe they were gifts from a wedding party or something similar. I got commission on tool sets and all kinds of random products, which totaled nearly $300 in commissions for me.

Combined with the other money I made that day, it was one of the highest grossing days I had had on Amazon at the time. Cool stuff right?

What I Don’t Like About Amazon

I would be lying if I said that there is nothing wrong with the program. After all, you can find some flaws in everything. Something I don’t like about the program is there commission caps. The commission that you can earn on certain products is capped at 4 percent.

In fact, last I checked, I believe there are even some products that you won’t get ANY commission on. All products that are part of the ‘electronics’ category are capped at 4 percent.

In other words, products like big screen plasma TVs, and I believe computers are capped as well. This isn’t terrible news for me because I don’t target products from the electronics category.

I can imagine this being an issue for large websites established in the electronics category. For everyone else, it should be a big deal. The other minor problem that I have is I wish the affiliate dashboard that Amazon offers would make it easier to get links for products.

It can be time consuming to lookup individual products and gather links. There are third-party programs that you can buy to remedy this issue, but it’s still a problem with the program itself.


To conclude my Amazon affiliate program review, I would like to say that it’s truly a great program, and I’ve made A TON of money through the program and haven’t had a single problem with them.

If you decide to join, just make sure you follow their rules and guidelines and pray that you’re not in a state where they’re banning affiliates because of the tax laws. I truly hope this review has been helpful for you, and if it has, go join the Amazon affiliate program right now!