My Story

I’ll try to keep this short. Basically, I started out like many others. I was working a job that I didn’t like, and I was making peanuts for income. In fact, my gross income while working at my corporate job was just under $18k per year.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t just poor, I was DEAD POOR. You would be lucky to find anywhere to live on that kind of money.

When you make such a small income, the only direction you can go is up, in terms of finances. I worked that job for a few years, and eventually, I got to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore.

I quit. I spent a few months sort of aimless and wondering what I was going to do for income. I had no savings, no assets – nothing. It was just me living with my girlfriend and her mother at the time.

I’ve always been into computers, but don’t think that gives me some sort of advantage because it absolutely does not. One night, I thought to myself, there has got to be some way to make money online.

I hopped onto my laptop, went to Google and let it rip! What followed was a full month of six-hour days browsing all of the different results for keywords like ‘make money online’.

Unless you’re totally new, you’re probably laughing thinking about where I ended up, and no – it wasn’t the Warriorforum.

I started soaking up information like a sponge. I read everything I could find on the subject. While researching, I also ended up on a freelance writing website, called Textbroker.

Ironically, the first real money I made online was writing SEO content for what many would call a ‘content mill’. At first, it was exciting. The thought of being able to earn money from the Internet was incredible, even if it was writing mind-numbing SEO content.

I spent the next year or so writing content to make money to pay the bills. However, I was still spending the majority of my time researching SEO.

I first came across the topic of making money with websites sometime during this timeframe. My first couple websites I made were probably some of the most laughable creations ever to hit the web.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. My first website was called wangbangwings. I thought that if I just put some navigational links up and monetized it with Google ads that I would make a lot of money.

I had no idea about SEO or traffic, and I didn’t understand that you actually have to get people to your website to make money. It legitimately thought you could buy a website, put it online with GoDaddy and people would just magically find it.

At some point while I was writing content for money, I stumbled across a website that taught SEO. It was an ‘academy’, and they charged you $1 for your first month, and $37 per month after.

Between this ‘course’ and my daily escapades of self-teaching, I started to grasp what keywords were. I then started to understand search engines and how they work.

I did some of my first experiments with making money online and made my first $1 with Hubpages many years ago.

From that point, I went through countless ‘phases’ in my SEO career. As you can imagine, Google started releasing algorithm updates, and all of that stuff just made things even more confusing.

I remember there was a moment where I thought to myself, “I got it!” Something clicked inside of my head and gave me newfound confidence.

As the years progressed, I continued to learn and ‘hone’ my skills. I started with my first $1. Then I made my first $100. Then I made my first $500. Then my first $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 per month and onwards.

It’s like I was pushing the SEO boulder up the hill, and eventually, there came a moment where I had reached the top of the mountain. From there, I just continued to learn and hone my skills.

It’s like someone giving you instructions on how to ride a bike. A paper filled with steps on how to do something can work. However, the real power comes from the underlying knowledge of how things work.

While search engines are always changing and experimentation is vital, I’ve reached the point where I fully understand SEO and how everything works.

Once you have the knowledge, it’s just a matter of implementing that information in your own way. If you really wanted to sum up what I’m trying to say in one word, it’s experience.

My deep understanding of SEO, niche sites and everything they encompass allows me to genuinely teach others how to replicate my success.

While it took me years to self-teach myself and traverse through all of the ‘aha’ moments, my learning curve could’ve been dramatically reduced if I had found the right information (course) beforehand.

If you’re new or struggling to cut out an income from the Internet, you need a teacher who is deep into what you want to achieve.

I’ll admit that I don’t know everything, and the Internet changes at light speed, but I’m at a place where I can DRAMATICALLY reduce the amount of time YOU need to start making some serious money online.

Over the course of my learning and ‘aha’ moments, I’ve been able to continually increase my income. I’m at a point where I understand all of the current methods for getting traffic, mainly SEO, but my deep understanding is allowing me to come up with techniques and systems that are far beyond what your average ‘SEO’ is teaching these days.

So much for this being a short background story, eh?